Only five minutes away from the flower shop and café, you find a beautiful house with a view of the fjord Borgarfjörður. We offer four rooms in these newly renovated facilities.

Room 1
Ideal for couples



In a bright enviorment with a beutiful view, you will find this bedroom perfect for couples. It is on the ground floor with access to the kitchen and the bathroom.


Room 2
Ideal for couples

A simple room that provides you with everything you need. A comfortable bed, a beautiful view and bathroom and kitchen just beyond the door. The room is on the ground floor.


Room 3
Ideal for friends and ccouples


You’ll find two separate beds that can easily be pushed together or apart. The room has a lot of storage space. The bathroom and kitchen is just beyond the door. This room is on the ground floor.


Room 4
Ideal for friends and couples
IMG_4915The view from this room is breathtaking, and will give you a great view of the fjord and mountains. The beds can be pushed together if desired. You will find the bathroom and kitchen just beyond the door.



In Berugata Guesthouse there’s a beautiful balcony that has an amazing view over the fjord and mountains in Borgarnes. You will find a common room with comfortable sofas, two newly renovated bathrooms and a kitchen that has all tools ready for a tasty, home-cooked meal.